What the critics are saying:

Merryn Johns, Curve Magazine, Feb 2, 2019 "After listening to this EP, Made Out Of Stars, I'm convinced that Steele herself is made out of heavenly, cosmic stuff. Sporting a million-watt smile, a voice as clear and bright as a bell, and a heart of gold, Steele's music sounds like a good friend—the kind you call when you need lifting up. One of the pleasures of female-driven pop is its ability to tap into the anthem of the self: the best female pop vocalists amplify positive feelings and give us hope that we can transcend obstacles. And when music's as good as Made Out Of Stars I think we all get to shine a little."

Michael Cook, Instinct Magazine, Feb 11, 2019 "If there was ever someone who knows how to make her dreams morph into reality, it's the extraordinarily talented Anne Steele. From humble and dream filled beginnings in New York City haunts like Don't Tell Mama and Rose's Turn to performing her own hits all over the world, this out and proud chanteuse is the epitome of using your music as a vessel to express her deepest and most personal thoughts."

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros from NoHoArtsDistrict.com, January 2019
"Anne Steele has the kind of crystal clear vocals that turn can pop songs into poetry and make them memorable enough to mark highly significant and unforgettable moments in our lives forever...This EP is absolutely chock full of those kinds of genius performances and beautiful songs full of pathos, passion and life. It's gorgeously produced, and her voice exquisitely balanced with the subtle, supportive orchestration and beats."

Jake Sorich from TheBigSkyStateBuzz.com, January 2019
Hearing Anne Steele on her latest album, "Made Out of Stars," a few things surprised me. Firstly, I was surprised that she's not already signed to a major record label like Sony, Capitol or Universal. Secondly, I was surprised at how much range she shows from one song to the next. Each track sits firmly in the pop genre, but, on one track she's laying down a delicate ballad about past memories in "I Miss Those Days," and the next she's singing in a retro, 1990s Janet Jackson style on "Obsessed," among the others.

Michael Cook from HuffingtonPost.com, Aug 18th, 2016
"Not only has Anne Steele played legendary venues like ‪Joe's Pub in New York City and taken the stage with legends like Cyndi Lauper and Sandra Bernhard, she never forgets where she comes from; a place of true pride. She has channeled her purest form of pride into her new track "Love Can Take Us there" which is the official Provincetown Carnival Anthem for 2016!"

Scally from Scallywagmagazine.com, March 11, 2015
"with What's Mine, every track is ready for the arena with Steele's soaring voice perfect for the front row or the nosebleeds." "Infectious, raucous, and radio friendly, What's Mine is a truly impressive debut."

Julia Lamb from PapercutMag.com, March 17th, 2015
"What's Mine is a 6 track powerhouse EP full of dynamic and zestful make-you-wanna-move songs, but don't be fooled by the catchy, candy-coated melodies - embedded in these dance-floor anthems is a poignant message at heart." "If the music itself wasn't already ambitious enough, Anne Steele's songs are made all the more powerful by her thought-provoking lyricism, led by honest and impassioned beliefs."

Karen Benardello from Shockya.com, March 28, 2015
"With her enthrallingly diverse lyrics and instrumentals, the intriguingly versatile and multifaceted Steele effortlessly proved her ease at crafting eclectic songs in such entrancing styles as pop, rock and dance for her latest record, What's Mine."

Aline Waites- Remotegoat.com
5 stars for @theannesteele's London debut! "This girl and her voice are totally riveting. She is having a party and makes sure her audience have one too!"

Sarah McPartlan- MusicalTheatreMusings.co.uk
5 stars for Anne Steele at Crazy Coqs! "An evening of absolute showmanship - she has the audience in the palm of her hand from the very start"

Tomm Ingram- LondonTheatre1.com
Anne Steele "one of the USA's undeniable cabaret talents, you feel you're with a friend rather than just an entertainer - the stand out number ‘I Miss Those Days' brought the room to a silence, a tear to the eye"

Anne Steele